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  • Jun 09, 2023
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Mustard Oil machine

If you're looking for a mustard oil machine, Floracomm might just have the answer.

We are all aware of the numerous health advantages of mustard oil. and its advantages are multiplied if it is pure and handmade. For both commercial and household use, Foraoilmachine manufactures mustard oil machine.

Machines for extracting mustard oil have become essential to the mustard oil sector. By automating the process, no manual intervention is required to extract mustard oil from mustard seeds. The mustard oil machines' technology enables them to efficiently handle vast quantities of mustard seeds with the least amount of waste. Cutting production time and profit margins while being cost-effective, improves productivity.

In addition, it yields higher-quality oil than conventional extraction methods and is more hygienic. It is dependable and worth your money because it is easy to operate, and maintain, and includes added safety measures.

Advantages of using a machine to extract mustard oil

A mustard oil extraction machine may be incorporated into your operations if you plan on starting a new firm or expanding an existing one. Over time, it will yield significant gains in terms of productivity and profitability.

  • A mustard oil extraction machine can make the process of extracting mustard oil at home considerably simpler.
  • They may be used by anyone, even those with no prior knowledge of oil extraction, and are often small enough to fit on your kitchen counter.
  • You may also be sure that the oil you extract from your seeds is the cleanest, best oil it can be by using mustard oil extraction equipment.
  • One of the best features of these devices is how effective they are; they can extract up to 95% of the oil from your mustard seeds in a single pass.
  • Furthermore, you won't have to worry about spending hours scrubbing away after each use because they are made for simple cleaning and upkeep.
  • Overall, purchasing a high-quality extraction machine is worthwhile if you're serious about making your mustard oil.

The methods behind these mustard oil machines' functionality might pique your interest.

So, you're wondering how a mustard oil machine works? Well, let me explain it to you in simple language.

  • First off, the machine crushes the mustard seeds to extract the oil using either mechanical or chemical processes.
  • In a mechanical process, the seeds are pressed between two metal plates to release the oil, while in a chemical process, they are mixed with solvents like hexane to dissolve and separate the oil from any impurities.
  • Once extracted, the oil is then filtered to remove any remaining solids before being packaged and sold.
  • It's worth noting that mustard oil machines come in different sizes and capacities depending on their intended usage.
  • Whether for domestic or commercial purposes, these machines offer a convenient and efficient way of producing high-quality mustard oil that is both healthy and flavorful. 

Mustard oil machine manufacturer

If you're looking for a mustard oil machine, Floracomm might just have the answer. Their machine for extracting mustard oil is very affordable without compromising on quality. To ensure maximum profitability for each application, the devices are designed to extract a high yield of oil from mustard seeds.

Floracomm offers excellent customer service and is always there to assist and offer advice. Their equipment is also made with high-quality components, which makes it durable and easy to maintain.

Look no further than Floracomm if you want to purchase a mustard oil machine that offers excellent value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much is 1 ltr in kg mustard oil?

Well, mustard oil is measured in liters. But when we want to know how much it weighs, we use a different unit called kilograms (kg). So, 1 liter of mustard oil weighs 0.91 kilograms.

How much oil is produced from 1 kg of mustard seeds?

It relies on the extraction and quality procedures we use for mustard seeds.

The oil content of mustard typically ranges from 36% to 46%. Three different extraction processes are available.

  • Cold pressing (Kachi Ghani): 22% of the oil is extracted.
  • Cold press leftover DOC should be hot pressed to recover 15% of the oil.
  • Solvent extraction: take 7% of the hot-pressed expeller residue.

What is the cost of a mustard oil-making machine?

The price of a mustard oil extraction machine varies depending on its size, features, automation level, and building material quality. Although a more expensive machine may seem like a big investment, it could be more cost-effective in the long run by producing higher-quality oil. Before purchasing a machine, it's essential to assess your needs to ensure it fits your budget and production requirements.

Which machine is best for mustard oil? 

Floraoilmachine is considered one of the most prominent and trustworthy manufacturers and exporters of mustard oil machines. We build these machines using high-quality industrial components, and they comply with all applicable industry norms and specifications.

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