Oil Extractor Machine


If you are searching for an oil extractor machine for your kitchen requirements, your search ends now. With an experience of about 20 years in the sector, we have earned a high reputation in the kitchen appliances market as the distributor of all products of Natraj which include Oil extraction Machine, Domestic and Commercial Flour Mill, Commercial Kitchen equipment, to name a few. Our Oil Extractor Machines have grabbed the eyeballs of the potential audience under the brand name of FLORACOMM. You can purchase our Oil Extractor machines for different types of commercial and domestic use.



100% Make in India Product.

The Oil Maker Machine of Flora Comm is designed and manufactured entirely in India. All the raw materials are sourced from within the country.

Easy to Use.

Floracomm's Oil Maker Machine or Oil Extraction Machine machines avoid complexities. They are easy to use and can be operated by a single person. Go through the instructions manual once and you are good to go.

Warranty Period.

We provide high warranty period than our industry peers. Our Domestic Oil Extractor comes with a two-year warranty period and Commercial Oil Extractor comes with a one-year warranty period.


The output of Flora Comm machines is top in the industry. For the designated input load, the output is maximum with minimum wastage.

Grinding Capacity

Coconut Oil/ Milk

45-52 kg/hr

Sunflower Oil

18-25 kg/hr

Groundnut Oil

40-55 kg/hr

Sesame Oil

45-52 kg/hr

Almond Oil

25-35 kg/hr

Mustard Oil

25-35 kg/hr

We Are One Of the Best Oil Extracting Machine Manufacturer

Are you thinking of buying an automatic oil extraction machine , sunflower oil extraction machine , then you no need to search anywhere else because we as a Floracomm can help you by providing you the best oil extraction machine. Before you buy machine, you must know that how oil extractor machines work and why it is healthy for the human heart. It contains unsaturated fat, which gives benefits to the heart. If you want a machine for commercial use, then you need to contact a commercial oil machine dealer , and for your own purpose you can buy domestic oil machine.

It contributes strength inside the cell and tissues so that your body can get energy. If you want to extract the oil in your home instead of buying any packed food, then you can buy Cold press oil machine in Delhi. form us at an affordable rate. Oil extraction is very simple task, after buying from us if you feel any difficulty then we will help you by showing you the procedure. We also provide a warranty of minimum of two years as the oil production line is our key point. We avoid the negative impact like hight temperature, over-refining, alkali effect of oil, etc.

Floracomm Oil making products

Our Oil Extractor or Oil maker Products

Floracomm manufacturers various kind of products to extracts oil from seeds, vegeatbles and from many other things, We maninly focus on the manufacturing of our prioduvts as it is key things through which oil is is extracted so we try to put best efforts to make our product best in markit from both pinyt as well as manufcturer and outcome.It is maninly used to extract these oils.

Types of oil we can extract.

Sunflower oil

Almond oil

Mustard oil

Vegetable oil

Flaxseed oil

In order to get oil of the above listed things, you need to choose the best Oil Production Machine Manufacturer first.If you want to extract oil, then you must firstly choose a oil machine manufacturer, distributer, suppliers are available. Oil machine price may vary depending on the size and usage of the machines. These oil making machine price in India can be quickly checked online.


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