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Flora Appliances Pvt. Ltd. is a 20 Year Old and very trusted name in the kitchen appliances market in India. Who is already a distributor of Natraj’s all products like Domestic and Commercial Oil Extraction Machine and Commercial Kitchen equipment etc. and now Flora Appliances Pvt. Ltd. has launched the Oil Extractor Machines for domestic and commercial use, and the brand name is FLORACOMM.

We are a reliable name in the list of companies, offering premium quality kitchen appliances in the heart of India. We have been distributing different products such as

Commercial Oil Extractor Machine FC - 1500
Domestic Oil Extractor Machine FC-600
Domestic Oil Extractor Machine FC-600 TALKY
Domestic Oil Extractor Machine FC-600 ADVANCE DIGITAL
Commercial Oil Extractor Machine FC - 2000
Commercial Oil Extractor Machine FC - 2000 ADVANCE
Commercial Oil Extractor Machine FC - 3000 ADVANCE

Wooden Cold Press Oil Extraction Machine

You can opt for our machines Commercial Oil Extractor Machine, for commercial and residential use. By maintaining consistency in innovation and research, we have gained the ultimate success in the market. We are capable of producing appliances of the highest quality owing to which potential buyers love to invest in our products time and again. We can pour the oil of highly productive capacity by choosing our models.

Directors Message

Dear Consumer in my 20 year journey i tried always to satisfy our client by providing the best product and the good service and that’s the only my passion and i am happy to say that the
Flora Appliances Pvt. Ltd has completed successful 20 years with thousands of happy customer For over 20 years we have been manufacturing various industrial appliances within the country. By generating hundreds of employment we have been actively contributing to the growth of the country. Our employees are our strength. We are one big happy family.

Above all we owe a big thanks to our many customers. Their satisfaction is what gives us energy. We constantly strive to help our customers with new and innovative products. We are grateful to them for being with us, trusting us and helping us leap forward in all these years. Hope the same continues in the future. Thank You!

oil extractor nmachine

What We Do

We are an industrial scale manufacturer of oil extractors. Our extractors are for both domestic and commercial use. Our large distribution network allows us to supply the oil extractor machines throughout India. We also export these machines. We provide both wholesale and retail services.

Our manufacturing processes maintain high industrial standards. All our products are made up of high grade ( 304 & 316 ) steel sourced within India. Our machines are designed in-house. They are easy and safe to use. 

With investment in research and development, we constantly push our limits to bring best products to our customers. We are a wholly ‘Made in India’ brand.

Our priority is our customers. Energy efficiency and high productivity is what customers like in our products. We strive to give them 100% satisfaction through our products.



100% Make in India Product.

The Oil Maker Machine of Flora Comm is designed and manufactured entirely in India. All the raw materials are sourced from within the country.

Easy to Use.

Floracomm's Oil Maker Machine or Oil Extraction Machine machines avoid complexities. They are easy to use and can be operated by a single person. Go through the instructions manual once and you are good to go.

Warranty Period.

We provide high warranty period than our industry peers. Our Domestic Oil Extractor comes with a two-year warranty period and Commercial Oil Extractor comes with a one-year warranty period.


The output of Flora Comm machines is top in the industry. For the designated input load, the output is maximum with minimum wastage.

Cost Effective.

Domestic oil extractor machines or Automatic Cold Press Oil Machines of Floracomm machines are cost-effective. Power usage is less and works for long hours – up to 6 hours. The cost of maintenance is less. It increases your profit margins.

Fair Dealing .

Flora Comms’ products are the best in the class with state-of-the-art technology. We take great care while providing service to our customers. By doing business with us, you will experience fair dealing. We commit to our core values of honesty, integrity,

A best coconut oil extractor for your beautiful home

The best Coconut oil Expellar Machine ever

We all know about coconut oil, and it is a part of everyone’s life. It has many benefits not only for cooking, even for our hair growth no other oil can beat this. Many people also use coconut oil for cooking, so you may think not to buy any package oil then better to buy a coconut oil processing machine, which can help you to get the pure one. You get the correct machine for that we as a Floracomm always there for your service.

We help you get the best product we will even teach you the operating procedure so that you do not face any problem. We have different types of coconut oil machines, where you can get a machine as per your requirement. Since we are a highly reputed company, we have a different types of coconut oil expeller. This machine is different for commercial and different for domestic purposes. If you are looking for your personal use, then you can get many size which can easily fit your kitchen.

Coconut Oil machine

What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil have been in use since ages. They are extracted from mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm. It has various applications and brings about a lot of benefits to health, skin, hair etc. Coconut oil contains fatty acid and provides instant energy to your body and also encourage fat burning

What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil controls blood sugar

It helps in reducing stress

Provides healthy skin and shiny hair and protects them from any kind of damage

Helps in burning fat

Increases metabolism

Increases good cholesterol

Moisturizes skin and helps fight infections

Coconut Oil Machine

Today coconut oil is extracted using machines. There are various different kinds of coconut oil machines available in the market at different prices and rates. They have oil press expeller that uses mechanical pressure in order to extract oil from the raw material such as dry coconut. If you are willing to buy a coconut oil machine, you can get in touch with many coconut oil machine, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and dealers online. You can compare coconut oil machine price in India and find the one that best fits your budget. Coconut oil machines are also available for sale online. You can also find coconut oil machines for home use using which you can easily extract coconut oil at home. Coconut oil machine for sale