Domestic Oil Extractor Machine FC-600

Made in India:- The Domestic Oil Extractor Machine FC-600 is a fantastic product made in India, equipped with easy-to-use features like low power consumption and convenient washability and offering top-notch performance, hassle-free operation, and easy maintenance all in one package.

Easy to Use, Clean, and Wash:- This oil-making machine produces fresh homemade oil on demand simply with minimal effort or complications involved. Cleaning the device is straightforward and doesn't take up much of your time, making it suitable for everyday use at home

Low Power Consumption:- This machine makes it simple to produce fresh homemade oil on demand, with minimal effort or complications involved.

Hassle-free operation:- Unlike other machines that may require complicated steps or frequent maintenance, the FC-600 is designed with simplicity in mind. With just a few quick and easy steps, you can extract high-quality oil from seeds such as sesame, peanut, and sunflower.

Multi-nut oil extractor:- All types of seeds, such as peanut, coconut, mustard, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, flaxseed, walnut, almond oil extraction machine and soybean, can be used. Only suitable for usage at home.

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  1. Attributes of the product

    Multipurpose oil extraction machine for flaxseeds, corn, vegetable seeds, olives, sesame, almonds, and other ingredients.

    The little oil press machine can keep working for six to eight hours.

    More than 25% of oilseeds are extracted for their oil.

    The home oil press machine can be provided as a gift to parents, coworkers, and family members.

    Simple to use, maintain, and move.

  • Model No.: FC 600

  • Type: Cold Squeezing Machine
  • Voltage/frequency: 220volts/50hz
  • Watts: 600 Watts
  • Weight: 12Kg
  • Raw Material Input: 3-5 kg/hour