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  • Jun 14, 2023
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Cold press oil extraction machine manufacturer

How does a cold press oil extraction machine work and its benefits?

A cold press oil extraction machine does just that – cold press oil seeds and extract the oil from them. This means that during the entire process, no external heat is used as opposed to the earlier method of pressing oils with the help of a screw press. Of course, cold press yields slightly less oil compared to the heat pressing method, but the oil is much higher in nutrients and does not contain undesirable compounds. Such undesirable compounds are formed during the heat press oil extraction process which are often harmful for health.

On the other hand, if you opt for the machines made by a cold press oil extraction machine manufacturer like Flora Oil Machine, then you can rest assured that its performance will be much better than the usual machines available in the market. The cold press oil machines made by Flora are excellent in their working and we do not simply adjust the working of the standard oil extraction machine and create a cold press machine. Some of the well-known companies also resort to this practice, but we at Flora oil machine realise that a cold press process needs a machine made for that purpose specifically.

Benefits of cold press oil extraction machine

The cold press oil machine harks back to the old days when animals like bullocks and horses were used to turn very large wheels in order to grind the oil seeds and nuts. In this process also no heat was used, and modern health food enthusiasts are opting for cold-pressed oils.

Apart from the fact, that cold-pressed oils retain their natural flavors and nutritional benefits, they also reduce energy costs because there is no need to produce heat with external methods. Of course, some heat is definitely produced due to the friction caused while the seeds are crushed and the oil is separated out. However, no extra heat needs to be generated and this in turn saves money in the long run.

Then again the oil cakes left over after the oil has been extracted by the cold press oil extraction machine are much more nutritious if used as fodder for cattle. They can also be sold to smaller factories that extract the remaining oil with the help of solvents. This oil is inferior in quality but can be used for some industrial or even household purposes.

Some people argue that the oil extracted by a machine from a regular cold press oil extraction machine manufacturer does not remove all the oil in the seed or nut. This is true, but still considering the above facts, it is worth the while, and cold-pressed oil sells at a higher price compared to the oil extracted by the standard oil seed processing methods. This more than makes up for the loss of oil due to lack of heat. Then again this challenge can also be tackled by relying for your cold press oil extraction machine on a reliable manufacturer like Flora Oil Machine.

Why people are still skeptical about cold press oil extraction machine

We already discussed some of the points why people are skeptical about the cold press oil extraction method. But the machines manufactured by Flora Oil Machine are capable of breaking open the outer membranes of hard seeds like soya beans or almonds. This eliminates the challenge of extracting oil from the seed. Then again some cold press machines are also not able to handle the viscosity of the oil, but the machines made by a cold press oil machine manufacturer like Flora oil machine are capable of handling these challenges.

All in all, the efficacy and benefit of cold pressed oil can be availed only when you purchase the machines from a reliable manufacturer who understands the difference between the cold press method and the standard method. Hence if you want to avail the best benefit of the cold pressed oil method then you should purchase the machine for this purpose from a reliable, and reputable company like Flora.

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