Sunflower extraction machine

As sunflower extraction machine one of 4 major edible oil within the world, sunflower-seed oil is a complicated organic process oil as a result of it contains plenty of essential unsaturated fatty acids like polyunsaturated fatty acid, which might promote the regeneration and growth of human cells. sunflower-seed oil may be created in 2 ways in which, includes pressing technique and solvent extraction technique. Totally different|completely different} ways owns different benefits. sunflower-seed producers will select one per the process capability of material and process desires truly.

Processing progress of sunflower-seed oil extraction by pressing method:

Step 1: we will use improvement instrumentation ( moving screen & destoner ) to get rid of impurities in helianthus seeds to make sure the standard of oil and therefore the service lifetime of equipment;

Step 2: The clean helianthus seeds would be transported to cracker to crack the helianthus seeds, that ready the nest step.

Step 3: The step is to use kernel husk centrifuge to separate husk from the kernels of helianthus seeds.

Step 4: The step is to use cookware to regulate the temperature and humidness of helianthus seeds, in order that the simplest conditions is prepared for pressing helianthus seeds.

Step 5: once finishing the higher than steps, the oil press is employed to extract sunflower-seed oil by physical extrusion.

Step 6: Finally, we'd like to use a filter to get rid of impurities within the oil.
Processing progress of sunflower-seed oil extraction by solvent extraction method:

If your material is edible seed provender, you'll directly do the solvent extraction method. If your material is edible seed, then you wish improvement, cracking, fire and preparation and pressing or pre-pressing to induce sunflower-seed oil cake. ( These steps square measure constant as pressing technique. )

Step1: The solvent extraction technique applies the principle of extraction, choosing a definite organic solvent that may dissolve the oil, and makes it contact with the pretreated oil by soaking or spraying, in order that the oil within the oil is dissolved.

Step2: The wet meal is gaseous to get rid of the solvent and water in it so as to induce the dry meal and recover the solvent.

Step3: The mixed oil obtained from solvent extraction got to be handled in mixed oil evaporation system, that uses the various boiling points of the solvent and oil, the mixed oil is gaseous and stripped, then the solvent is gaseous, the oil is left.

Step4: Finally, the gaseous solvent is recovered by condenser and recovery system from D.T.D.C system and mixed oil evaporation and baring machine.

Tips: The oil pressing technique and solvent extraction technique have their own benefits. there's no sensible or dangerous for pressing or solvent extraction. selecting that one oil process technique depends on the characteristics of the raw materials and therefore the process desires.

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